Statewide Arts Education Assessment (SAEA)

This research project makes it possible for WESTAF to produce a report for your area about the status of arts education in K-12 schools. All SAEA reports are grounded in sophisticated sampling methodology and contemporary survey technology.

SAEA is a project developed by practitioners in the field of arts education in collaboration with WESTAF. SAEA was developed in response to the call for a more comprehensive picture of the status of K-12 arts education in individual states and is structured to be a low-cost tool that can be administered annually. SAEA offers an opportunity for those interested in arts education development to track essential K-12 arts education statistics over time.

The 2009-2010 Statewide Arts Education Assessment (SAEA) report serves as a valuable resource for all who want to advocate for a high-quality, well-rounded education for students. SAEA report findings can be used to advocate for the arts as a core subject and identify areas at the state and local level that require attention and support. As a result of their involvement with the project, the initial four partner states of Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming are now better positioned to understand the strengths and opportunities for improvement of arts education within their states.

To learn more about a SAEA report for your area, please send an email to or call our office at (303) 629-1166.

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